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How Old Do Your Children Have to Be to Play Laser Tag?

Posted - 05/28/2012

Laser tag is a lot of fun for children and adults alike, and it is a safe activity that is safe for even small children. Laser tag gives families an opportunity to play and interact with one another, and even parents will have a blast while playing laser tag with their children.

All children are different, but if your child is big enough to run safely without stumbling and is old enough to understand how to play laser tag, he is probably old enough to participate. Some people say that a good minimum age for laser tag is seven years old, but children as young as five often do well while playing laser tag, particularly if there are no large children participating who might push or shove the child around.

Although there is no actual legal requirement for a child to be a certain age to play laser tag, there may be discrepancies between laser tag company. Since each laser tag company is different, you will need to contact a professional laser tag company before taking your small children to play laser tag. An associate from the professional laser tag company can tell you about any rules that their company has about age limits for laser tag.